Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here we go...

We'll start today and try to add some flash backs as to how we got here...
Today we were between shifts, so were only in the temple a short time. When we have the morning shift, we go at 5:30 to open the temple in the morning, then the counselor and his wife start at 12:30 noon for their shift. Then we are scheduled to leave at 2:00, but it is usually later than that.
When we have the afternoon shift, we get their at 12:30 noon and usually leave by about 9:30. So even tho we call them "half-day shifts," we are usually their 7 to 9 hours per shift.
Today was the first time since arriving on July 20th that we had 20 minutes to just "dilly-dally" at the mall close to the temple grounds. After I got a haircut, Walt just walked me around that second level to see what was there.
Since we've been back at the apartment, Walt has been continuing to work on his talk for a stake conference tomorrow.
Silly me...I asked him what he was talking about.
"Temples," he replied.
I will share my testimony in Spanish.
Over and out for tonight.

How we got here...

We were just doing our morning routine on Tuesday, April 12. Walt was biking on the stationary bike, reading out loud from the Liahona, which he does to keep his mouth moving in Spanish. I was finishing up something at the computer, getting ready to go walk on the treadmill beside the bike, when the phone rang.
The caller ID said: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." My thought: "Oh, it's the Twin Falls Temple secretary calling to give him his schedule for sealings," as they often did.
Was I surprised when the person identified herself, saying: "This is President Eyring's secretary calling, "Could you come next Tuesday for an interview with President Eyring?"
Was I calm and composed? No...because I said: "Let me check my planner." Then when I found the day, I said another stupid thing: "We have nothing scheduled that day, we can come."
(As if anything we might have had scheduled would take precedence!)
I'd completely lost it by then and just asked: "Could you please talk with my husband?"
I dashed out to the bike, handing him the phone, saying: "It's President Eyring's secretary."
I heard him say: "We can come ANYTIIME." (Meaning, we don't want to wait a whole week to find out what this is about.)
She explained that since a storm was forecast for that week, they didn't want us to have to travel in bad weather.
So we waited the week.

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